Monday, August 14, 2006

Porco Talk

If you missed Paul Vandenburgh's special edition on the Porco verdict Friday afternoon, you missed some excellent radio. Yes you read that correctly.

From 2-6pm, instead of Mike and the Mad Dog, WROW listeners heard Vandenburgh talk to numerous guests about the Porco trial, but where he hit a home run was with the prosecution team. DA David Soares gracefully took a back seat as Mike McDermott and David Rossi explained the prosecution's strategy and answered questions about the murder investigation and trial. It was fascinating and Vandenburgh did a great job. Even the callers asked intelligent questions. So, you may be asking, what happened? What happened was that Paul Vandenburgh was unshackled from the morning show's tightly scheduled format and allowed to have an actual conversation. It didn't hurt to have an interesting topic and smart guests.

Back to business as usual on Monday morning.