Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pimp My Website

I'm gonna be your Mac Daddy, baby.Can you believe that Jazzo the Pimp's MySpace page is still up?

John "Jazzo" Savage is the guy who lured Rachel Bruno away to New York City, where police found her wandering around near Times Square last week. It's good to see that pimpin' has gone high tech, but I find Jazzo's page really hard to read, what with the busy backgound and poorly chosen font color.

While the pimp lifestyle may be one of outlandish hats, fur coats, and flashy cars, to communicate effectively on the web one must simpify. Get rid of the money background and drop the transparency on the pictures. Instead, expand your pallette to inlude pimpy colors and emphasize the text that best tells your story. With a little work, you can show the world that you are indeed the Mac Daddy, not just on the street, but on the internet.