Thursday, August 10, 2006

Odds n' Ends

Number of CDTA buses now equipped with bike racks: All of them. Number of bikes seen on those racks: Zero. While I sincerely hope people start taking their bikes along on these front mounted bike racks, this isn't exactyy Portland, Oregon, is it? I predict that the number of people who use these racks will be infinitesimal, somewhere along the lines of those who have signed up for those idiotic CashKeys for the downtown parking meters.

Inspiring Story of Triumphantly Overcoming Overwhelming Odds
Speaking of bikes, an interesting story from ripped CapitalNews 9 health reporter Marcie Fraser on teaching disabled to ride bikes. I'm not sure I love this line, though:
Billy Spillman, 24, hasn't gotten near a bike since his bike spill over 20 years ago.
If you are the sort of cruel jerk who laughs at people who look and sound different than you -especially mentally disabled people- do not watch the video.

Berkshire Home Companion
You can see all your favorite WAMC folks Saturday night at the Mahaiwe Theatre in Great Barrington. The station is throwing a joint benefit show with the theatre featuring lots of music and appearances by on-air personalities, including Joe Donahue and Susan Arbetter. Among the musical guests are Lovin' Spoonful founder John Sebastian ---plus there will be a special performance by Alan Chartock's band, The Berkshire Ramblers.

I wonder if internut ranter and Alan Chartock nemesis Glenn Heller will catch the show and write a review?

If It Walks Like a Football...
Attorney Terry Kindlon comes up with some crazy sh*t. Here's his Wednesday assessment of the state'e case against his client Chris Porco:
The prosecution has taken a football and pasted feathers on it and called it a duck. It's not a duck. It's a football.