Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Judging from the mail, we're not ready to let go of Christopher Porco. First, this tidbit:
You may or may not have read (and seen) a female Porco supporter on his verdict day.... she was one of the girls that was crying when he was found guilty. She marched into court with him and she even drove the infamous yellow jeep back to Albany later that night...she is a Capital News 9 Associate Producer.
Was she stricken by grief or just overjoyed to be leaving Goshen? We may never know.

Also, there were quite a number of pictures of Mr. Porco circulating around during the past few months. These shots feature a young man who looks very much like the recently convicted Porco ---it may or may not be him, but if it isn't, I know what this guy should do on Halloween.