Thursday, August 03, 2006

Inside Baseball

I like that WNYT lets satellite engineer Paul Spadafora file to their Porco blog. His posts may not be vital to those craving details about what's happening at the trial, but for media geeks, it's great stuff. Some samples:
The food around here is great. And good food really makes a difference when your mind starts to get shaky. If you're ever in town you gotta stop at Steve's Deli over by the monument, or Howell's Deli Cafe by the post office. Between all of us, we've gone through everything on the menus and it's all good.

One reporter here said this morning that it's been like a summer camp for adults here. She's right. Others (myself included) have dreams about being here. That sort of thing is normal I like to think.
And this is funny:
As per a request from the newsroom in my next entry I will attempt to explain what exactly I do here.