Monday, August 14, 2006

If It Walks Like A Quack...

We've all speculated about Christopher Porco's state of mind, and that's to be expected. What I don't expect is to hear professionals diagnose him as a psychopath without examining him ---or ever even meeting him. Here's the headline from yesterday's TU:
Porco Labeled Psycho Killer
In the page one above the fold story, two psychologists labeled Porco as deeply dysfunctional based on their observations in the media. Edelgard Wulfert, who heads the psych department at UAlbany called Porco a psychopath; Clinical social worker Bonnie Carlson described him as having an anti-social personality disorder. They may be right, but to pass judgment on someone based on what they've read in the newspaper and seen on TV seems a little irresponsible. Yes, these people are apt to draw complex conclusions about you based on simple observations, but to do so without even a single meeting with the subject or having access to the notes of another psychologist? That -excuse the expression- seems a little crazy.

No one knows what's going on inside Christopher Porco's head; for psychologists to make sweeping generalizations based on how he acted during the trial is at best bogus, and at worst unethical.