Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Can't Stand Katie Couric

Have I mentioned lately how sick I am of Katie Couric? NO? Well here's a list of things I'd rather do than watch Katie Couric on TV:
  • Have a colonoscopy
  • French kiss Gene Shalit
  • Eat out of the dumpster behind Bombers Burritos
  • Be stranded on a desert island with nothing but back issues of Metroland and a radio that tunes only to FLY 92
I predict that Couric's move to the helm of the CBS Evening News will go down in history as the worst move ever. The gravitas necessary to anchor that show will suck away everything that people found appealing about Couric in the morning, leaving behind a shriveled, empty husk ---like a grinning skull with perky hair, if you will.

Me? I'm a Brian Williams guy. He's cool as hell and NBC Nightly News hits the right mark all around. I think the local stations could learn a lot by studying the tone and presentation of his show, but that will never happen. Local news directors are hooked like junkies on the consultant driven crap that makes every local newscast in every single market look exactly the same. Good luck with that. Your audience is shrinking, so maybe it's time for something different.