Monday, August 07, 2006

Flavor of the Week

A couple of years ago Stewart's honored everybody's favorite wonder gelding with Funny Cide Pride, a delicious blend of "Butter Pecan ice cream with roasted pecans, a butter pecan fudge swirl, and butter pecan fudge pieces." This year the ubiquitous convenience store is tipping its hat to Jerry Bailey with Choco Jocko Bailey, an honorary ice cream made with dark chocolate and black sweet cherries.

This is interesting to me, because it's well known that one of the ways jockeys make weight is by flipping. Flipping is a polite way of saying that they force themselves to vomit. Since I'm always trying to be helpful, I'd like to offer Stewart's this catchy line to use in their advertising:
Choco Jocko Bailey: It tastes just as good coming up as it does going down.
Well, maybe that needs a little work. Also: Here's to Mark Bardack for working the word eponymous into the NYRA press release about the new flavor. For you TV folk, that's not just an REM album; an eponym is a name or word derived from the name of a person.