Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Endorsable You

I've been hearing these announcements on WAMC lately, featuring community leaders talking about why the station is important. I like that. What I don't like is hearing elected officials doing these endorsements. There are couple of reasons that this is mildly inappropriate. For one thing, the station's news department may find themselves covering these folks, who include the likes of Assemblyman Pat Manning, who is embroiled in a heated primary race. Among others pols I've heard recently are US Representative Maurice Hinchey, and Albany County DA David Soares. Not that their support of the station would influence that coverage, but why create the impression that it could?
Secondly, while the station is non-commercial, the reality is that they are competing with commercial stations for ad dollars. Hearing a politician plugging for a business -or something even remotely like a business- is out of bounds.

So yes, bring on the smart folks with good taste in radio, but let's leave the politicians out of it ---especially the ones who are in the middle of a campaign.