Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Sitting Next to the Loser...

Diane Lee, the songbird of Scranton.Yesterday we told you about FOX 23 morning anchor Mark Bakers's three failed bids for Congress, so today let's move over to his co-anchor, Diane Lee.

Best as we can tell, Ms. Lee has never run for Congress, although she did record a CD of Christmas songs, which you can buy for $10. Maybe one of you wacky morning radio guys can pick that up and play it on the air. That would be so crazy. Lee hails from Bronxville, which is in Westchester, of course, not the Bronx. She did time down at RNN, so if you're playing Six Degrees of Greg Floyd, there you have it.

I'll tell you one thing, Ms. Lee is getting out of WYOU just in time. In September, the station is launching a news format that will feature viewer email and live call-ins. News director Ron Krisulevicz is especially excited about the new news set. He tells the Scranton Times-Tribune:
The set is much, much bigger. It is very high- tech. It is very electronic. And, most importantly, it is very interactive. It'’s the largest set in the market. It is very bright.
Glad to read that something down there is very bright.