Thursday, August 24, 2006

All The Pretty Horses

I've written about the TU's citizen bloggers, from the irrepressible Liz Funk to the disinterested Mr. Pete. Some of it's really good and some of it really ain't, but all of it carries this tiny disclaimer:
Note: The blog is written by a reader and is not edited by the Times Union. The blogger is solely responsible for content.
That said, I was recently checking out the blog they've given to Rev. Sam Trumbore, minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany. He made this unusual observation about what he enjoys seeing at the Altamont Fair:
Chickens with polka-dots, cows you can pet and watch being milked, sheep, goats, muscled horses pulling thousands of pounds of block and miniature ponies with large sexual gear that will stagger the imagination.
What the...excuse me? I was with you right up until we got to the part about the horse penises, Rev. Trumbore. Maybe I'm just uptight and need to open my mind a little -and I'm sorry if I'm reading this the wrong way- but ponies with large sexual gear? In my book, that's a wee bit screwed up when writing about visiting the fair with your child.