Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thanks Again, TU

I whipped through Price Chopper Sunday afternoon, grabbing a six pack of Coors Light (appropriate for hot summer days, only), flowers for my wife (I said something stupid earlier) and a copy of the Times Union. The flowers worked their magic and the Coors hit the spot, but there was something weird about my Sunday newspaper: it contained Saturday's news.

It seems I'd inadvertently picked up a copy of their new early Sunday edition. It's essentially Saturday's paper with Sunday's special sections and classifieds, which is duly noted on the banner across the top which reads Saturday's News With Sunday's Features. That's great on Saturday, but maybe it should come off the freakin' newsstand on Sunday since it looks like the real Sunday paper. Even the date on the front page read Sunday, July 9.

The upside? Thanks to an introductory offer, my day-old paper cost only $.50, half of the new edition's regular $1 price. What a bargain.