Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Street Meat

PETA protester Peter Porko.Yeah, we're all bummed out about the Porco trial being postponed, but what are you gonna do? You can keep yourself busy by going over to WNYT's Porco Trial Blog and reading the comments people have left; some of them are pretty funny.
Better yet, go to the Times Union's extensive special section on the trial and peruse some actual transcripts from Monday's testimony.

The good news? The trial hiatus will free up some people to cover today's PETA event:
Naked PETA Members Wrapped in Cellophane for Pro-Vegetarian Demonstration

Lying nearly naked on large trays and covered with clear plastic in front of signs reading, Meat Is Murder, members of PETA will mimic packages of meat while other PETA members pass out leaflets with information about factory farms and slaughterhouses.
This will be taking place in Capital Park at noon; I recommend grabbing some lunch from the vendors before touring the outdoor meat department. If you're feeling adventurous, head over there with a souvlaki or the chicken teriaki on a stick ---but don't expect the PETA folks to find that amusing.