Monday, July 31, 2006

Porco Withdrawal

While I was on vacation last summer, Hurricane Katrina careened through New Orleans, laying waste to one of America's great cities. My attitude was like, "What? A hurricane? It's not coming this way, is it? Great...give me another beer."

This year was different. While I'm usually pleased to have a week without news, I experienced a gnawing, almost painful yearning for the latest on the Porco trial. Sure, we had newspapers and the radio, but no access to the Albany media. Hit the computer at the public library, you say? Not where I was. No library. Jonesing for a Porco fix, we burrowed our feet into the sand and endlessly discussed the ins and out of the trial thusfar. Minutes after pulling into the driveway, before even untying the bikes from the roof of the car, I was on the computer reading up on the week's testimony.

There's no denying that the Porco trial has a powerful hold on us. And why not? It's the sort of story that people have been drawn to since ancient times, from the earliest mythology to the Bible to Shakespeare ---it moves us on a visceral level.

And this week we head for the home stretch.