Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Camera

Albany Eye is on vacation. This is from February 26, 2005. Don't you wish we had cameras in the courtroom in Goshen?

News directors want cameras in courtrooms for the same reason I do ---because it makes good television. Admit it, crime is interesting. There's nothing quite like sitting in there watching the ADA work somebody over, seeing the evidence, hearing witnesses. Add the friends and family of victims and the accused and you have raw, tense drama. It doesn't get much more real ---and if you've ever stood outside a courthouse explaining what went down inside, you know it's just not the same.
Spare me the dog and pony about public scrutiny and accountability. Keep your window through which we observe the judicial system. Put away the old saw about being the eyes and ears of the people. Please. We are hooked on tragedy and we always have been.

Plus, I sort of enjoy watching the toothsome Patricia DeAngelis.