Friday, July 14, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Pete

The Times Union has finally pulled the plug on Mr. Pete.

A while back the TU granted a blog to Dave Petersen, an Albany High social studies teacher who retired at the end of this school year. The intention was that he would share his thoughts and philosophy on education. Petersen was well-known for his unique style in the classroom, and to the paper, it must have seemed that he would provide some colorful and insightful content. Well, they were wrong.

Petersen grew tired of blogging nearly as quickly as he started, providing only five entries since they set him up in March. What a terribly wasted opportunity. The TU prominently placed Petersen on the front of its blog page with a picture and all, but the teacher didn't step up and seize the chance to be read by a vast audience. We "made fun" of Mr. Pete at first for his "unjudicious" use of "quotation marks." We didn't realize at the time that the problem wasn't his grammar, it was that he had nothing to say.

The paper has had some real winners in it's blog section, particulary Capitol Confidential, but when it comes to that blogging stuff, lots of people like the idea, but they don't like the work.