Monday, July 03, 2006

Different is Good

When it comes to music, Capital Region radio sucks. Yes, I know that it's a matter of taste and all that, but the fact that a market this size is missing a really interesting commercial music station is a cryin' shame.

During a trip to Massachusetts over the weekend, my dial was welded to Northampton's WRSI. They call themselves "The River", but it's a far cry from this market's muddy, stagnant Clear Channel River ---their River is cool and clear and sounds great. The format is officially called adult album alternative, but for a good idea of what they spin, check out their playlist.

OK, so Northampton is a very progressive place. Maybe Albany can't handle hearing The White Stripes, Son Volt, and The Band all played in the same set. Maybe our heads would explode, or something. But on the other hand, I beleive that there are enough people around here who have decent taste in music to support a smart music station. Like the banner on The River website proclaims, different is good, but different takes gut and resolve, something missing from corporate radio. Meanwhile, it's the middle of the road, my friend. The middle of the road.