Thursday, July 13, 2006

Climbing Into Bed With Tech Valley

Hooray for nano tech! You may not understand all this nano business, but take my word for it: If it's nano, it's good stuff.

Coming this Fall, we're going to have what must be the world's first nano TV show, NanoNow, a partnership between UAlbany's "Nanocollege", Berkshire Bank, and Fox 23. It will be a weekly program celebrating all things nano, and as the press release says,

FOX23 anchor Ann Hughes will present weekly segments that demonstrate the growing impact of nanotechnology on the lives of consumers and a host of industries; FOX23 anchor John Gray will provide weekly news updates tracking regional and worldwide developments in nanotechnology.
Hmmmm...not to be the wet blanket around here, but what's Fox 23 doing putting their anchors in a weekly PR piece for the nano college? Actually, I guess they're doing the same thing CBS 6 is doing. For several years, WRGB has been in cahoots with the Center For Economic Growth in producing Business Forward, a weekly show about "Tech Valley" hosted by Jack Aernecke. What you have there is the station's business "reporter" doing rah-rah stories on a show paid for by CEG. Nice.

Why is this bad? Because instead of doing journalism, which sometimes requires a healthy dose of skepticism, they are joining forces with the subjects of their stories. That's called crossing the line, but hey, a buck's a buck.