Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chips Ahoy

Not everybody thinks the AMD chip-fab plan is a great idea, but the most damning criticism so far comes from MapInfo founder Mike Marvin.
Marvin's a guy who hasn't just talked the Tech Valley talk, he's walked the Tech Valley walk. He knows a little about building the area's tech equity ---without giant government hand-outs. His op-ed piece in Sunday's TU blasted the proposed $1.2 billion, million dollar per-job project:
We are not getting a corporate headquarters that would provide leadership and growth. We are getting a factory. We are not getting revolutionary technology. We are getting the latest in incremental changes to a process that has been going on for decades. Why, then, are we spending $1.2 billion?

When the plant is no longer in use because of obsolesce or changing business climate, there will be one very large concrete tombstone in our region with no other possible use.
The Luther Forest chip-fab shell game is far from over. After all, no con is ever over while there are still suckers to be had.