Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Business is Business

This is the final week that you'll get to read the print edition of the Business Review online. The paper's web site has been running a banner that reads:
Beginning Monday, July 24th, ALL stories from The Business Review print edition will be available online to print-edition subscribers ONLY.
We've accused the Business Review of looking like the chamber of commerce newsletter; their reporting generally lacks a critical eye toward its subjects, focusing instead on rah-rah pieces that avoid tough questions. That's what makes this bad news for economic development people. The Tech Valley and Nano crowd will be losing a valuable tool that they've exploited to tell their story to a world of online readers.

Albany Eye is all about finding solutions, not pointing out problems, so here's what I'd suggest: Maybe a deep pocketed company or organization could sponsor of the Business Review's online edition, keeping it free and open for everyone out here in the web-o-sphere. Someone like the chamber of commerce, perhaps?