Friday, July 07, 2006

Annoyances of the Week

It was hard to choose just four, but here goes:

Tom Geisel's Hair
It's time for the Key Bank exec to lose the long hair. And you wonder why those clean-cut CBA boys started looking good? Get a freakin' haircut.

Mike Conners
The smarmy Albany County Comptroller has been all over TV lately in these gas tax stories. Now he announces he's switching back to the Dems. According to a TU story, Sen. Neil Breslin compared Conners to Benedict Arnold, saying, "At least Benedict Arnold only switched once." Good luck with the party swap, champ.

Degree Happy
Some woman(name omitted) from a local hospital(name also omitted) sent an email this week with a press release attached. Here's how she signs herself:

You know, I'm not terribly interested in what degrees you've attained. OK, if you have a PhD and you're a college professor or a scientist, go ahead and call yourself Dr., that's fine. Anything short of that, save it for the resume. And what the hell is a CCM anyway?

Carmella Mantello
Here's another one that's been inescapable. The Canal Corporation head has been all over TV and the papers due to the damage caused by last week's flooding. A couple of years ago, when Mantello was in charge of the Hudson River Greenway, Albany Broadcasting's Joe Condon asked her about the significance of the New York Central Railroad during a Sunday morning interview show. She didn't know, because she'd never heard of the historic railroad that changed New York. Mantello may have spent eight years on the Troy City Council, but I'm not sure she took 4th grade social studies.