Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

I may have missed a word here or there, but this is what I heard Paul Vandenburgh talking about on WROW this morning, all within the same minute:
I remember the first time I saw the San Diego Chicken...I thought boy, this is the best.
We gotta talk about North Korea today.
Remember I said someone dropped off the Best of Heart CD...
This is fairly typical of the show, which is generally a tangled weave of fragmented ideas, random thoughts, and of course, commercials. Indeed, the only coherent stretches are the show's frequent live-read spots. Vandenburgh's program breaks down as follows:
  • 6-7am: Nonsense such as celebrity birthdays and chat about things like American Idol.
  • 7-8am: A heavy hour for ads and promises of what news topics will be discussed today.
  • 8-9am: Now comes some actual discussion of news, when time allows.
I hate to say it, but Joe Bruno may have a point.