Monday, June 19, 2006

Your Goose is Cooked

A lot of you were disgusted by the horse meat recipes I served up a few weeks back. It was just after Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro's mishap during the Preakness, and as a tribute to the ailing equine, I renamed a few dishes I found at the website of Montreal Supermarket Metro. If I remember correctly, there was Steak Barbaro, Barbaro get the idea. Anyway, I was curious if people feel as strongly about eating geese as they do about eating horses.

As you may know, the mayor of Scotia wants to kill the wild geese that have been living in Collins Park and give the meat to food pantries. The TU talked to a chef last week about the culinary merit of the Canada goose. He was not encouraging, but a quick sail around the internet revealed many delicious sounding recipes for the foul fowl, particularly at Backwoods If you're itching to try the Goose Poppers or Goose Casserole, first you're going to need a goose ---and before you do that, you may want to read up on the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918. These dishes sound delicious, but may not be worth going to jail over.