Thursday, June 22, 2006

What We're Reading

As if you're interested in what I'm reading online, here are a few things I've been reading online.

The Times Union's grand experiment at granting blogs to the common folk has had mixed results. Just look at Mr. Pete' Blog. I say if you haven't posted since May 8, you lose your blog, dude. On the other hand there's Liz Funk, the 17 year-old feminist who writes The View From Here. I feel a little like a creepy My Space lurker reading something written by a teenage girl, but she's a lot sharper than a lot of people her age, and unlike Mr. Pete, she's familiar with the proper use of "quotation marks."

In the realm of news and current events, we have I-Saratoga. This Spa-centric blog covers a little bit of everything on the local scene ---in some regards it's a little like mine, except written by somebody smart and insightful.

Finally, from lovely Greenville, NY come Shamus O' Drunkahan Has Issues. I love this blog just for the name, but Mr. O'Drunkahan is a very funny guy, as demonstrated in this post about coaching little league. The so-called blogosphere could benefit from more folks like Shamus and less people who take themselves too seriously. I guess that goes for the whole world, not just the internet.