Friday, June 30, 2006

Owning It

A couple of you took issue with me saying that the TU "owns the Porco trial" coverage. Allow me to clarify that: they own the whole story. I think the depth of their involvement is pretty clear after reading the Brendan Lyons piece in today's paper.

As the prosecution brought jurors back to the day the Porcos were attacked in their Delmar home, it came out again how Chris Porco wasn't first reached by the police or by family members, he was contacted by Times Union reporter Simone Sebastian at his dorm room in Rochester. Fate? Dumb luck? Maybe there was a little of that at play, but it was smart and tenacious reporting that prompted that phone call.

It's pretty much been like that from the start. Some of it hard work and some of it stuff that just falls into your lap. Either way, on this story, the paper leads and everyone else follows.