Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nick Knack

It sounds like Nick Caimano misunderstood his underwriting deal with WAMC. Last week, the former Post-Star exec turned John Sweeney primary opponent turned Sweeney district director turned Warren County Budget Officer talked to the paper about his "embedded advertising" deal with WAMC. The way Caimano described it, the county wasn't just buying underwriting messages, but would become a regular topic on The RoundTable show. When we ran a piece on this Monday, all hell broke loose. From the Post-Star's follow-up yesterday:
Susan Arbetter, co-host of The RoundTable show, explained Monday that underwriters have no influence over the show's content. "WAMC and the RoundTable never do quid pro quo," she said. "We certainly sell underwriting but there is a firewall between the underwriting department and editorial at WAMC. It's as sacred at WAMC as it is at any newspaper." Caimano said Monday his lack of understanding led him to inaccurately characterize WAMC's underwriting process to the county Board of Supervisors.
And here comes the good part:
Though Caimano said he was wrong to depict the underwriting the way he did, he felt the station was being "much too sensitive" about his flub.
Okey dokey, Nickarino.