Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Loser Channel

Like peeling back the layers of an onion, the more you poke around Time Warner digital cable, the more you find. My most recent discovery was Love on Demand, the video personals that can be found on channel 1009. It's hard to imagine anyone responding one of these things, but they're so funny, once you start watching it's hard to stop. One guy, Jason, couldn't even wait for an actual date to start lying:
I have two kids...uh, no...I have a niece and a nephew that are like kids to me.
Right. Then there's Kim, who offers that she's, "Crazy, but not bad crazy," and that she doesn't care about a man's "weight or looks." Sounds like she's looking for someone who works in radio.

The best thing about listening to these people talk about themselves is you can turn them off ---unlike a real date, where the only way to escape is to sneak out the back door.