Monday, June 26, 2006

Little Ray of Sunshine

Watch my new show or I send in the pitbull.Did you know that Rachael Ray's new syndicated show is coming to WNYT? If you've turned on the station any time in the last couple of weeks you're already aware of this BECAUSE THEY RUN THE STUPID PROMOS EVERY FIVE MINUTES.
That's actually OK with me, because as you long-time readers know, I love Rachael Ray. She seems like the sort who'd show up at your party with a big bottle of tequila and a bag of lemons -and Kosher salt, because that's what all the serious foodies use. I suppose there would be some extra virgin olive oil because you never know. She can leave the dog at home, though. That's Isaboo, who is described on her web site as, "The most adorable pitbull in the world." People don't realize it, but pitbulls are actually very adorable dogs ---until one takes an interest in the mailman or the kids next door.