Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Going for Baroque

Lots of ink this week for WMHT's classical music efforts. A big spread in Metroland talks about how the public broadcaster's making a go of it at a time when many stations are switching to news and talk. How nice. Meanwhile, The Gazette reported that four classical music announcers laid off in 2003 have hit the station with an age discrimination lawsuit. Papers filed in State Supreme Court claim that the hosts, whose ages range between 54 and 59 years-old, were canned so WMHT could hire, "New on-air announcers that would appeal to to a younger audience."

Maybe it's just me, but that certainly sounds like what they did. First they fired the WMHT on-air staff, claiming financial hardship. Then they went out and bought WBKK for $1.5 million. Finally, in March they cranked up WBKK with their new classical light format, manned by folks who don't have any knowledge or experience with long hair music. It wasn't quite spelled out this way in Metroland, but you wouldn't want to ruin a nice story, would you?