Friday, June 09, 2006

Building Better Bars

Albany's Downtown Bar Improvement District (BID) is throwing itself a party next week for doing such a great job. Says BID director Pam Tobin:
Downtown Albany has seen amazing growth and investment over the last 10 years. New buildings, new businesses, new restaurants, new hotels, new events, new sidewalks, new streets, new nightspots, new performance venues.
Hey, new streets. Maybe I should get on the BID website for a map, because I must have missed driving those these new streets. The big shindig is Wednesday, June 14 at the Crowne Plaza and features an appearance by Michael Carrese's OiNk comedy troupe. Among the oinksters is Terry Rabine, the area actor who portrayed Henry Hudson in BID's TV spots.

If you simply can't contain your downtown pride, visit their online store to buy some Bar Improvement District merchandise. The water bottle looks a looks like a giant sex toy, OK.