Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bobble Bill

You've probably heard that the Valley Cats will give away Joe Bruno bobbleheads at their June 30th home game at The Joe. If you ask me, 30 years in the State Senate will turn anyone into a bobblehead ---but the truth is that even you can be made to bobble for a price. At the Bobble Factory it costs $250 for the design and set-up of a bobble figure, and then they're priced per piece. For example, you can get a thousand for $4 each. This gives you some idea of what this is costing the event's sponsor, WellCare Health Plans, who are paying to give away 1500 of these things.

Some minor league ball teams have been holding faith nights featuring giveaways with bobbles of biblical figures. This all makes sense to me; in Rensselaer County it's Joe Bruno you pray to when you want something good to happen.