Monday, May 08, 2006

The Roar of the Grease Paint

The 106th annual Legislative Correspondents Association Dinner was Saturday night and by all accounts this year's show didn't disappoint. Most of the working stiffs I rub elbows with caught Friday night's dress rehearsal, rather than Saturday's $250 a plate gala, which included appearances by Hillary Clinton and Bill Weld.
Highlights (besides Michael Carrese's ever popular Sheldon Silver schtick) included WNYT morning anchor Phil Bayly belting out a parody of Bob Hope's signature song Thanks For The Memory, as George Pataki, and Rick Karlin and The Times's Jennifer Medina as John Spencer and K.T. McFarland singing I'm Candidate the Eight (Henry the Eighth).

Also widely commented upon has been Liz Benjamin's take on Jeanine Pirro, singing Senate Race (Beauty School) Dropout. One person who wrote liked the song, but loved Benjamin's slinky low cut dress, which offered a view from Binghamton to Buffalo and everything in between.