Monday, May 15, 2006

Pull In For Free Wi-Fi

The random nature of this world is a mysterious thing. Niskayuna police say that Wendy Gresens of Schenectady collided with a car driven by Times Union feature writer Kristi Gustafson yesterday ---and then rammed another vehicle through the front window of Panera Bread at Mohawk Commons. Gustafson was not hurt, but two other people, including Gresens, received minor injuries. Photos of the accident have not yet appeared on Albany2Go's Seen page.

Chris Jones, whose car was pushed through the window, was reportedly "taking soup and sandwiches home to share with his family for Mother's Day." Way to go all out for mom, big spender. Please disregard the snarky comment. Albany Eye sincerely hopes Mr. Jones and his family enjoyed a happy Mother's Day.