Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No Winners

Ken Wilcox
"The Times Union reporting on the life and tragic death of Detective Ken Wilcox has been accurate and fair."
That's what Rex Smith has been saying since Thursday's explosive story detailing Wilcox's last hours, which the paper says were spent at Noche, a trendy Albany nightspot.

Since then the TU has been obliquely threatened by the police union, slammed by Wilcox's family and friends, and accused of downright lying about what happened that night. Even the NAACP has taken up the Wilcox cause, throwing an unnecessary tinge of race into the mix. The paper has stood its ground ---but not without going far out of the way to make amends, running a front page Sunday profile of the late detective and devoting a page at their web site to his story.

Other local media? They've largely left the Noche story to the paper, lacking the sources and the will to pursue it. They've also mostly ignored the implications of Wilcox's reported .03 blood alcohol content. As blogger Democracy in Albany asked, what was his BAC when he showed up at work?

We'll see what (if anything) we know when the Albany Police conclude their investigation. Should the TU's version of events be verified, they'll face the ugly task of discrediting the story of a grieving family.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post implied that other media outlets hadn't bothered to interview Steve Barnes. This was incorrect. They tried, but were declined on-camera interviews. Barnes confirmed his version of events for those that contacted him.