Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Hump Day Report

As Heard on WROW
Someone called the WROW morning show to talk about soda being banned from schools:
Paul Vandenburgh: The idea that these kids are developmentally disabled -in terms of their girth- that it has something to do with the beverage companies is unbelievable.

Caller: Well Said, Paul.
Paging Dr. Freud
I'm not getting any funnier, but my typos are. From Monday's item about the LCA show, this amusing keyboard slip:
One person who wrote liked the song, but loved (Liz) Benjamin's slinky low cut dress, which offered a view from Bighamton to Buffalo and everything in between.
The Good News Is That We Got The Naming Rights To the Pepsi
The bad news? Circulation is down. The paper reports that the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations numbers show the TU's daily editions down 2.7% and the Sunday dreadnought off a whopping 4.4%. Publisher Mark Aldam predicted that the next audit would show increases. Or else.

Local Band Makes Good
Area rockers The Decadent Royals managed to get one of their songs played on the Howard Stern Show recently, apparently during a segment about junk the show receives in the mail. Howard said, wait a second, this is good stuff; you can try downloading the clip from the show here if you feel adventurous.