Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Atomic Dog

Oscar: I got, uh, brown sandwiches and, uh, green sandwiches. Which one do you want?  Murray: What's the green?  Oscar: It's either very new cheese or very old meat.I don't really get all that nanotech stuff, but here's something I can understand: robot dogs playing cards. This press release from UAlbany for a Wednesday event:
Students, Robotic Dogs Match Blackjack Skills at the University at Albany's Annual RoboShow

What: Sony's AIBO ERS-7 robotic dogs to navigate, flash their LEDs, dance, and play ball during University at Albany Robotics students experimental research project demonstrations. Students have taught the dogs how to play Black Jack against humans and how to play soccer.
Yeah, I know ---the dogs in the picture are playing poker, not blackjack. It's still funny.