Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You Don't Look a Day Over 100

EDITORS NOTE: The language in this post has been cleaned up. Folks at CapitalNews 9 found their access blocked because of the nasty words.

The Times Union celebrates 150 glorious years on Friday, publishing a gala special edition featuring "historic covers, archival photos, timeline and more." Editor Rex Smith kicked off the celebration early by printing the word bullsh*t in his column on Saturday. He was explaining why the paper used the word in an earlier story about State Senator Ada Smith, but would not use the word fu*king in the same story. Here's the bullsh*t:
Asked Tuesday whether she thought she has a problem controlling her anger, Smith replied: "No. I mean I don't tolerate -- excuse my expression -- bullsh*t, but I don't think I have a real anger management problem.
And this is the fu*king:
According to Jackson, Smith responded by throwing her coffee in Jackson's face and screamed: "You need to keep your (expletive) mouth shut."
Naturally, this got me wondering. Imagine if Smith had said, "I don't tolerate -- excuse my expression -- fu*king bullsh*t." I've heard those words together frequently, so it's not farfetched. Would the paper then have printed it as "(expletive) bullsh*t?" I'm guessing you won't have to wait another 150 years to see the evil F-bomb in the TU, but only if it's used in a direct quote and important to the context of what was said.