Monday, April 10, 2006

The World's a Stage

Last Friday's item about the phony photo on the front page of The Record seems to have struck a nerve. It seems a lot of you share my feeling that serious newspapers don't print cheesy stock pics on their cover.

You can't spell Assembly without ASS.Then one reader sent the screen grab on the left, which shows Jim Tedisco unplugging his stupid budget countdown clock. Big deal, right? Nope ---not unless it was the second time that day Tedisco had unplugged the clock. Our tipster says that a well known local TV "journalist" missed the first go-round, and urged staffers to reset the clock and have the Assembly Minority Leader do it again. The camera-hungry lawmaker was happy to oblige.

If The Record is guilty of being tacky, what do you call staging news images? I'd call it a serious breech of ethics.