Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sue Who?

Sue Kelly: Not in love with the sound of her own voice.Alan Chartock has interviewed just about every state and federal lawmaker in WAMC's vast listening area, except for one: Sue Kelly. Kelly has represented the Hudson Valley in Congress since 1994, but apparently has never had the time to talk to Chartock. The interviews are well known to anyone who listens to the station, turning up on the Capitol Connection show or as bite sized Congressional Corner nuggets during The Roundtable and Midday Magazine. Why a politician would pass up the opportunity to address such a large and influential audience is a mystery ---and it's not like they get on there and find themselves being grilled. The conversations with Alan Chartock aren't confrontational, but congenial affairs that allow room for the lawmaker to come off sounding pretty darn good. So what's with Sue? As they say in the business, her office didn't get back to us in time for inclusion in this piece. I mean really... Would you answer an email from someone called Albany Eye?

Oh... At the top we said just about every state and federal lawmaker. The one other one who won't come on is George Pataki.