Saturday, April 22, 2006

Standup Guy

Oooooo...Slide in a little closer to your Uncle Paul, my little buttercup.Does WROW use a special microphone for its Friday morning remotes at CapitalNews 9? Considering the way Paul Vandenburgh drools over the cable news station's female anchors and reporters, they really should have some sort of moisture-resistant equipment. Maybe someone from engineering can get back to us on that.

Publicity is publicity, so I'm not blaming CN9, but WROW's weekly visits are about the most inane thing on morning radio ---and that's saying a lot. Friday found Vandenburgh complimenting reporter Danielle Strauss on her interview with one of the Mexicans busted during this week's immigration raid at IFCO. He kept saying, repeatedly, that it was an excellent "stand-up". Not to be all nit-picky, but a stand-up is not an interview, a stand-up is when the reporter speaks to the camera. She was gracious enough not to correct him.

Since Albany Eye is all about helping people, we'd like Mr. Vandenburgh to see this handy glossary of TV news jargon. Don't overdue it, you'll sound geeky ---on top of sounding like a letch.