Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ruff Times

Please don't lock me up...WRGB general sales managers Matt Sames can see that things are going to the dogs. And the cats, too. Sames is part owner of Pet Lodge of Clifton Park, as well as two other pet boarding and day care facilities in Plattsburgh and Williston, VT.

Sames, recently honored as one the Business Review's 40 under Forty, is a savvy marketer who knows how important it is to get some press ---that's why he took his story to Capital News 9. I suppose it would be a conflict of interest to have your own station do a piece, but feeding a story to the competition is OK. Oh well, business is business, and it's not like he's buying advertising from them.

Anywho, the most interesting thing about Pet Lodge is that the place is studded with web cams so you can check on Fido or Fluffy while they're checked in. If you already feel guilty, this may not help; I have a hard time not thinking of Albany County Jail when I look at those cameras.