Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Politics of Politics

New York Observer politics writer Ben Smith has jumped ship and swam over to the Daily News. He had to leave behind his popular blog, The Politicker, but has set up a new site called The Daily Politics; he'll also pen a weekly column.

Speaking of reporters, news folks have always complained bitterly when competitors label something exclusive that ain't. Now that they have blogs, instead of just complaining to each other they can complain to you. Such was the case yesterday when the TU's Jay Jochnowitz got cheesed off at the Post over an Ada Smith piece they slapped with the EXCLUSIVE tag. Jochnowitz took his grievance to the paper's Capitol Confidential blog yesterday, reminding the Post of the definition of the word exclusive.

While Capitol Confidential tells readers that the comments are moderated, this apparently doesn't apply to comments about Fred Dicker. One of them labeled the Post reporter as having a "mental illness". I don't think I need to remind everyone that Room 363 isn't that big.