Thursday, April 13, 2006

Great Moments in Capital Region Media #37

A face made for radio.The Smellster.

That's what Dan Lynch used to call syndicated talk radio ranter Mike Gallagher when he hosted afternoons on WGY. For you young'uns, Lynch was once managing editor of the Times Union and later wrote a column.

A feud of sorts erupted between the two, and when Lynch discovered that Gallagher's real name is Michael P. Smelstor, he went to town. You can still hear Smellster...err...Gallagher locally on Amsterdam's WVTL (that's kinda sorta local). For your reading pleasure, we've managed to dredge up some vintage columns Dan Lynch wrote about the up and coming radio star:

Dan Lynch Discovers Gallagher's Real Name

The Smellster's Services and Consortium

Famous Last Words

No Place to Wash off the Slime