Friday, April 21, 2006

Giving It Away

Who needs this, anyway?Let's face it, most of you would sooner chop off one of your fingers than pay for news on the web. Who can blame you ---and what are you really missing by not having The Gazette online, or the godforsaken Amsterdam Recorder? Still, it's frustrating that instead of figuring out how to profit from the internet, papers like The Gazette slam shut the door. Is it possible to make money with your newspaper on the web? Absolutely, but it takes work. It also takes a new mindset from people who can't get past the idea of you putting $.50 down on the counter. They call it a business decision; I call it alienating your customers.

Maybe I'm just cheap, but I'm not paying $2.95 a week for that. How about you? Take our "exclusive" online poll over in the margin.