Friday, April 14, 2006

And Now Greg Floyd With the Traffic...

You want me to do what?Did anybody mention to Greg Floyd that he'd be doing traffic reports at WRGB? Wednesday night, Floyd appeared in a promo that ran in prime explaining where to expect traffic problems on Thursday morning. At home, we looked at one another and started laughing hysterically ---but I guess we aren't your typical viewers. I wouldn't say that this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen on local TV, because I've seen lots of stupid things. Is it in the top twenty? Absolutely. In fact, I'd put it at number 12, right after Databurst.

Databurst was an innovation of former WRGB news director Gary Whitaker. He figured you could reduce all the important stuff from a newscast, such as phone numbers and full screen graphics, down to a few frames each and fire them off in as burst of data, hence the ingenious name. Viewers could tape Databurst and then play it back frame by frame to write down the info. Don't cite the KFC spot and tell me they were ahead of their time. It was stupid in 1989 and it's stupid now.