Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The $1200 Moustache

Just when moustaches are finally back in style, this happens...Last week we told you about the effort to help WNYT reporter Mark Mulholland's family keep up with expenses associated with his wife's cancer treatments. By the end of Saturday night's gala auction in Lake George, Kelly's Kause had raised $153,000. The most unusual item on the auction block? Meteorologist Bob Kovachick's moustache. In an apparently spontaneous gesture, someone decided it would be a good idea for WNYT's Doppler King to give up his lip fur for the Kause; The Capital Region's most famous facial hair netted $1200 and Mr. Kovachick was shorn on the spot. Ouch!

Shaving him for real is one thing; let's see how long it takes for his whiskers to disappear from all those weather promos.