Thursday, March 23, 2006

Whither the Anchormen?

Vote for Erin.It's not too late to go to FHM magazine's web site and vote for former CapitalNews 9 reporter Erin O'Hotty O'Hearn as TV's Sexiest Newslady. Capital Region native O'Hearn, whose first job was at CN9, now works at the ABC affiliate in Philly. Nice.

No, there's no shortage of toothsome young reporters and anchors in America's newsrooms ---what there's a shortage of is men. Research done by the RTNDA recently found that male anchors are a vanishing breed. Less men are going into broadcast journalism, and a lot of those that get in don't stay in. And as evidenced by Ms. O'Hearn, a woman with smarts and right look can get to the bigs incredibly fast. Men? In a Boston Globe story, Bob Papper, Ball State professor of telecommunications says,"If you dress up the average woman coming out of college and put on makeup, she looks like an adult. The average man coming out of college looks like he's going through puberty."

Just look at the trouble WRGB has had keeping that male anchor seat filled since Ernie Tetrault left in 1993. Maybe now with Greg Floyd they'll have somebody who doesn't have one eye on the camera and the other eye on the door.