Friday, March 24, 2006


Gadzooks! My Metroland has gotten smaller! There's suddenly less to love of the alt-weekly, which showed up in it's newly redesigned format yesterday. I don't know the money side of publishing, but it seems to me that less paper equals lower cost. It's hard out there for a pimp, isn't it? The real highlight in this week's Metroland, however, is the letters.

Metroland's letters are usually tedious, but this week's were outstanding. First, Jeanine Wisniewski of Sand Lake took some wicked shots at the paper's resident intellectual Jo Page. Ms. Wisniewski was responding to a recent column Page wrote about all her high minded reading. She begins:
Why is that intelligent people who write about being "readers" feel compelled to mention they read The New Yorker? Why do they want us to know, or more accurately, why do they want to be known as New Yorker readers?
Indeed! The second letter comes from none other than Soccergirl. Maybe you read about the Columbia County internet celebrity here in Albany Eye; she was recently featured in Metroland's Sex Issue ---which made the mistake of calling what she does "tubcasting". She set them straight:
When I first carried my boyfriend's Powerbook G4 from his nice dry room into the nice wet bathroom, risking both electrocution and getting dumped (i.e. my future happiness), disrobed, slid into the soapy water, pressed record, and announced my new invention to the Internet. I called it Bathcasting. You get to hear me naked.
By the way, that Soccergirl link? Not entirely work friendly ---but not as risky as taking your laptop into the bath.