Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Show Before the Show

So, who's going to see The Capitol Steps at Proctor's on Saturday? The Washington based political satire group is rolling into town for one show only, and according to the Proctor's web site, there are still some tickets available. Plan on arriving early and catching the pre-show Theatretalk event featuring Times Union editor Rex Smith. Smith will be leading a discussion titled Pols, Hacks and Flaks: Who's Laughing At Whom? It is the mark of a true grammarian to know the difference between who and whom, wouldn't you say? His presentation is described as:
A conversation that explores some of the highlights and lower moments of encounters between officialdom and the Fourth Estate.
If you've ever heard Smith speak, or just listened to him on The Media Project (where Alan Chartock calls him as Sexy Rexy), you already know this should be pretty good.

6:30 Saturday at Proctor's. Capitol Steps ticket holders only. Seating limited.