Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Secret Lives of Dentists

Should you ever find yourself in jail, please remember not to argue over the TV. No good will come from it. This from Warren County sheriff Larry Cleveland:
On March 14th, 2006 an altercation between two inmates took place in the Warren County Correctional Facility resulting in one male being transported to the Glens Falls Hospital for treatment. The inmates involved were 30 year old Jesse F. Dupont of Glens Falls and 41 year old Adrian Wizes of Lake George. An argument started between the two over usage of the television set within the facility. The dispute got physical when Dupont pulled the cable and electrical cords from the television set and struck Wizes in the side of his head.
Wizes is well known in the Lake George area for losing his dentistry license after he was found "guilty of willfully physically abusing several female patients." According to CapitalNews 9, he's now being held on charges of first-degree sexual abuse in a case involving a ten-year-old girl.